Mom Style: Skirt the Blanket Scarf!

I am a Rebel.  Always have been.  Even when I try to follow the rules, something inside starts screaming out and I find that if I don’t break out and follow my own path, part of my soul shrivels and dies.  (I’m saying this in my circa 1980’s, Punk-Valley accent)

The Blanket Scarf!  It’s been a hot fall/winter must have for the past two years.  It is beautiful, cozy and versatile.  There are an infinite number of How-To-Style tutorials all over the Internets but they all style it in the same handful of ways.  I’m not criticizing!  I’m just totally shocked that in all the tutorials I have seen, not one has shown this scarf styled the way MY Brain thought it should be styled from the get-go!  AS A SKIRT!

You can do a short skirt (like a Kilt) or a long skirt.  You can also wear it as a dress (note to self: a future post).  It’s really easy!  You simply fold it to your desired length, wrap it around yourself, pin it with a kilt pin and/or belt it into place, like this:


Here is how I would style it as an outfit:

IMG_4515IMG_4547 IMG_4559IMG_4562

And styled long, with a really fun, faux bustle in the back:

IMG_4655IMG_4579IMG_4594IMG_4576IMG_4580 IMG_4584 IMG_4585IMG_4590 IMG_4588IMG_4650

Two looks, one fantastic slyle find for $20 at Target!

Thank you to my fabulous photographer, Rosemary!

I am linking up this week with What I Wore at The Pleated PoppyWhat I Wore at Pleated Poppy  and with Turning Heads at Elegantly Dressed and Stylish!

9 thoughts on “Mom Style: Skirt the Blanket Scarf!

  1. Riules, shmules! I love what you did here with this blanket scarf! So creative and edgy! I keep looking at them and am tempted to get a burnt orange, red combo Love the boots too!

    Thanks for linking up with TH Tuesday!
    jess xx

    1. Thank you, Jess! (Happy dance) I am honored you stopped by! =o) I am such a huge fan of your blog, it was a real thrill for me to finally start a blog of my own and be able to link up with your TH Tuesday!

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