Our Haunted Manor

The Gouls and I have been busy decorating for Halloween!  My decorating style is whimsical and folksy so you won’t find any horrors at our Manor!  When creating this year’s vignettes I tried to keep in mind how long it usually takes me to transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving (…and then on to Winter) and how burnt out I get by the end of it all.  This year I tried to decorate in a way that after Halloween I can easily swap out the witches and skulls for TG turkeys, gourds and pumpkins.   Here is a mini tour of our decorations…
In the Kitchen: 


IMG_3625 (2)IMG_3637IMG_4161IMG_4162IMG_4164 (2)IMG_4113


In the Library: 


The Sport’s Room (That is really a playroom):



The Entry: 



With the decorating completed, we will now start our Halloween Baking!  Can’t wait to find out what the Gouls will choose to make this year, will it be Sugar Cookies… or maybe Spider Truffles???

Share with me some of your family’s Halloween traditions!

Happy Haunting!


2 thoughts on “Our Haunted Manor

  1. Nice! You’ve inspired me. The leaves! The black birds! You have so many areas to decorate. Last year I bought glitter pumpkins and now I can’t find them and we only have 1 storage closet! Maybe they’re in the garage.

    1. Hi, Porro, thanks for stopping by! Hope you can find those glitter pumpkins! I’ve been collecting holiday decor for over a decade now, and have a space designated for it in the garage. I have bins for each holiday. Started out w one bin per holiday and now I have several bins for each. I’m not a hoarder if I actually USE it all, right? ?

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