Spider Truffles

We had great fun this weekend making these Halloween Spider Truffles and shooting our first ever YouTube video!  If you watch the video, please keep in mind you are watching a family who has zero video making experiences beyond filming our annual Happy Birthday-cake cutting traditions.  It was equal parts total video disaster that I really do NOT want to share with the world, and yet also a labor of love that I can’t wait to post because it fulfills one of Rosemary’s long time dreams of creating our own YouTube Channel.  I find it extremely exciting that in this Blogging hobby, not only do I get to explore my creative passions, but I also get to learn new skills, from the ground up, like video making and editing!  If you stick around, I promise that the quality of our craft will improve with time ;o).  For now it’s more of a blooper reel.  Video at the end.


For Spider Truffles, you will need:

– 2C (ish) Chocolate Chips

– 1.5 – 2C (ish) Heavy Whipping Cream

– Pretzle Sticks

– Spidery toppings (sprinkles, chopped nuts, cocoa pwdr, food glitter, etc)

– Measuring Cup

– Sauce Pot

– Whisk

– Spoons


Take your Cream and pour it in the pot, set on HI and watch very carefully as it comes to a boil. (I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve walked away for a moment only to have the thing boil over and create a HUGE mess!)



Have your chocolate measured and ready to go.


Remove from heat when cream starts to boil


Add in chocolate chips


Start whisking and keep whisking until it all melts and incorporates into the cream!


Now set it on a cooling rack or your counter top to cool for a couple hours, stirring occasionally. It makes a fantastic drizzling or hot ganache sauce in it’s liquid form.  If you needed a chocolate frosting, just keep cooling at room temp and mixing it for a few more hours until you have a velvety spreadable frosting.


For the purposes of this project, you will cool chocolate at room temp for about 2hrs and then transfer to a covered bowl and put it in fridge for 4 hrs until firm.


Once it is cold and scoopable, start scooping out heaping spoonfuls, shape into mounds or balls, roll into toppings and stick in the pretzel legs!






Voila! Kid friendly but very messy Tarantula Truffles! KEEP in FRIDGE!

Now, as promised, the video:


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