Tweenlife With Rosemary

Tweenlife With Rosemary

Hi people!  This is Rosemary!  If you’re wondering why Lavender is not posting it’s because she is 6 years old and can’t spell or write yet.  

So today is Friday which means 8 more days till Halloween!!!  I am going to be the girl version of Robin Hood.  Lavender is Little red riding Hood.  Wait, OMG I realized Robin Hood and Little red riding Hood are related!  What are you going to be for Halloween?  Tell me in the comments (if you have kids tell me what their costume is).

Speaking of clothes, my Tween Style Of The Week (TSOTW) is basically a poncho from Justice (plus a cami), jeans (similar) from JCPenney and boots from Justice.  I love this outfit because it is super comfy and warm.  And my mom said she loves the way the color of the poncho bring’s out the highlights in my hair, I love how the color looks on me.



Do you watch The Voice?  Well this season one of my favorite You Tubers got on to Gwen’s team!  Her name is Kota Wade and I am so happy for her.  She had a band called Bad Wolf and I LOVE HER MUSIC!! What she does on YouTube is make-up tutorials.

There is an art class at the end of school on Tuesdays and Lavender and I are in it.  Last Tuesday we made sculptures out of clay.  I made a witch’s hat and Lavender made a KRAZZZZY HAT (that’s what she said).  And the spider web I made in my class.  

witch hatkrazy hat


Tomorrow  The Tree people are going to cut down our tree or else the tree might blow down during a storm.  Me, Lavender, mom and dad are very sad because that tree has been with us for my whole life.  Mom has been making videos about it and may be posting one or two of them.  The reason why the tree is being cut down  is because the old owners put wire around the tree (I don’t know why).  People were INSANE those days (not long ago).  Here’s Lavender hugging the tree.  Her Tween Style Of The Week is a sweater dress from Gap that was from me.  Leggings are from Target and her boots were from Justice last year.  



Signing out for now #HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

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  1. Sorry about the tree! That’s sad. My dad cut down our tree when I was your age. The roots were pushing up the foundation of the house.

    I can’t wait to see your Halloween costumes! My little boy wants to be an astronaut.

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