Mom Style: What I Wore This Week

Hello November!!!!  Red Cup Season, Turkeys galore, and as if on cue, cooler temps brought on our first frost this very morn!  I’m in Bliss!

I joined Instagram about a week ago and I think it’s a new addiction.  Dear gawd, what have I done?!?  Learning to navigate the #Hashtags has been interesting but quite fun, to boot!  I discovered several fashion challenges yesterday and this morning attempted to tackle several with this one picture… (Leopard is a neutral, African Safari, Leader of the Tribe (not sure what that IS, exactly), Something New, and  Polkadots).  I have no idea if I did it properly, buuuut, it was fun!

Instead of featuring one outfit this week I am doing a few, as inspired by my week of Instagram.

This dress was one of my recent Macy’s sale finds (sleeveless version here)!  I love the print and thought I loved the style of the dress (It’s really fun and flirty with the tiered, full flippy skirt) until I saw it in pictures and had difficulty selecting pics for this post that didn’t make me look like I had a weird, boxy, wide shape.  Now I’m left feeling unsure of this style choice.  =o/ It’s called OVERTHINKING and OVERCRITICAL!  Hue Leggings, Nordstrom.  Target boots, two years ago, no longer available.  Jewelry made by Ginger & Zimt.



This next pic was my favorite outfit of the week!  My Blanket Scarf (Target) from last week, this time actually fashioned as a SCARF!  I paired it with this oversized Fisherman Knit sweater from The Gap, circa 1980-something that was handed down to me in the late 1990’s by my now MIL (seriously, don’t throw out your closet!).  Jeans are Silver, from Macy’s.  Boots are EMU Stinger Hi in Mushroom.IMG_5259


And finally, I leave you with our Halloween pics! My Witchy Attire was a hodgepodge of things I have collected through the years… for example, the Flamed Clodhoppers and Red Glitter Platforms were shoes I picked up from my favorite shoe store on Haight Street, called Daljeets (no longer exists), in the early 1990’s.


I’m linking up this week with What I Wore at The Pleated Poppy, and Turning Heads at Elegantly Dressed and Stylish.

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2 thoughts on “Mom Style: What I Wore This Week

  1. Isn’t Instagram frighteningly addictive?! It’s like a drug…cutting down is almost impossible…lol! Love the dress and cowboy boots combo. And it is so cool that your MIL handed that sweater down to you. I loved that outfit the most and when I saw that the sweater was a vintage hand me down that made it even better!

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