Please Stay Tuned…

Hello Dear Readers!

I want to apologize for the inconsistency of my blog posts.  I understand that consistency is extremely important in blogging which is why I’m posting this, to let you know I haven’t flaked out (wink)!  When I began this blog a couple of months ago, I had assigned myself a posting schedule with a different theme each day of the week, covering all the topics listed up there in my blog title (Life, Family, Home, Fashion, Self Improvement, Hot Topics). What I didn’t do, was accurately anticipate how long it can take for the inexperienced (and overly critical) to create a single post!  Pictures, graphics, the actual writing, and now video.  Plus my usual, full time life keeps getting in the way of working on these posts (how dare it).  I feel completely behind and stressed out by it! I sit down each day to work on posts, get a little bit accomplished, only to be pulled away by any countless number of things before I have a chance to complete anything.  I have post drafts piling up, they have been for weeks.  I need pictures and graphics for one (don’t get me started on how ridiculously sloooow and tweaky the online graphics programs I’m using are), links to find for another, OCD style proof reading… aaagh!  If this were a paying job I could justify it to my family that it needs to take priority over some of the other life things.  But it isn’t, and therefore I have to triage this as a hobby in my time management. I hate doing that!

I have to assume that inconsistent posting is a pitfall of new bloggers.  There is a method and a rhythm to be learned.  I’m on that curve right now.

Please stay tuned, Dear Readers!  This blog WILL pick-up with time =o).  …just probably not this week.

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