Mom Style: The Leopard Midi

Happy 2016, Dear Readers!!!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Holiday Season and that you are settling in well to the New Year!   Things here at Cinnamon Tree Manor (that’s what I call our home) have been very busy and family filled!  Unfortunately, that resulted in my falling off the blogwagon for the past month.  But I’m back and filled with vision and inspiration for the year ahead, so I hope you’ll join me as I explore a few new projects here on the blog!

This week on Mom Style, I’m featuring the skirt of my vintage Dior inspired dreams, this incredible Leopard Midi  that I found back in November while blog hopping!  I feel terrible that I did not save the link to the blog where I found it and I have not been able to find my way back to that blog since.  I followed her link to a online store called Choies.  It’s an overseas store, so immediately I became nervous because I’ve seen a lot of negative hype over micro-sizing issues associated with overseas stores.  The skirt was at an incredibly low price so I figured if it didn’t work out, at least I wouldn’t lose a lot of money in the process.  I carefully read the sizing chart and determined I am a size Large (I’m usually a US size 6) but they only had Medium and Small at the time that I ordered.  I went with a Medium knowing that worst case scenario, I would leave the waist band unzipped 1 inch and cover it with a belt.  If I lose the 5 lbs I’ve gained since Summer the medium will fit perfectly, all zipped up.  I placed my order, sat back and hoped that all the sizing calculations would be accurate!  About 3 weeks later my package arrived, right in time for the Holiday Festivities!  It was sized EXACTLY according to the measurements listed in their sizing chart!  Woohooo!

I couldn’t be happier with this purchase!  I forget what I paid for it, I think it was around $21, but they often have sales when it is even LOWER… like right now, as I type this post, I see it is listed for $17.99 (faints)!  The satiny material is very thick, and the set in waist and box pleats give it incredible volume!  I was quite impressed by the quality for the price!  It has sewn in pockets.  On my skirt, the pockets weren’t in the correct placement but for me that’s a non issue.  If I wore the skirt with the zipper on a side instead of the back, the pockets are correct, but then the box pleats lay in an odd way.

In the pictures below, I’m giving you a virtual twirl!  It was a 30 degree day when we took these pics so I am wearing thick fleece thermals under the sweater and skirt, yet I was still able to tuck everything in, zip it except for the last inch and hide it all with a belt.  Normally, I would style this with a bare leg and cute stiletto pumps for a classic vintage look but with the freezing weather I opted for a pair of tall, heeled boots.  My sparkly cardigan sweater was from Target, two winters ago, on clearance now as I type for around $20!  So, if you were to shop this exact outfit RIGHT NOW, you could get it for under $40!!!

IMG_9243 IMG_9320IMG_9319IMG_9331 IMG_9327

I’m linking up this week with the fabulous Jess, and her Turning Heads Linkup on Elegantly Dressed and Stylish!  As always, thank you to my fabulous photographer, 11yo Rosemary!   And, thank YOU, dear readers, for stopping by!  Comments are always welcome!  =o)



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    1. Hi Kara! I’ve read SO many disappointing stories about these sites! But that’s why I wanted to do this review, because this particular experience was great… Luckily! I plan on using this site again in the future but will always proceed with caution. I know THIS skirt works and they have it in several other colors. I’m a bit nervous to try something less forgiving, like a shirt or dress. Thanks for stopping by!

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