Mom Style: PinkBlush Boutique Giveaway

Hello-Hello Dear Readers!

I am SOOOOO excited (beyond excited, really) to share with you today, my very first Collaborated Feature!  AND a $50 Gift Card Giveaway!!!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by ShopPinkBlush, asking if I would be interested in a collaboration where I would select an item of clothing from their Women’s Online Boutique to feature on my blog.  What?  Seriously?!?!  Um, YES PLEASE!!!  I am SO grateful to PinkBlush for giving a new blogger this fantastic opportunity!

PinkBlush is actually TWO Trendy Boutiques Online, offering both Maternity and Women’s fashions.  I loved that their prices felt very affordable, they have lots of sales, and they offer FREE SHIPPING in the U.S!  They have a wide variety of styles available and they add new items DAILY!  The first thing I figured out about their site is that you have to really look through everything to get a good sense of all they have to offer.  Upon first glance I saw styles that didn’t quite match my personal style but the more I explored, the more AMAZING pieces I found and soon had a cart full of about 20 favorites that I needed to narrow down to just ONE to feature for this post.  I kept checking back daily in an attempt to weed things out, but each time found NEW items that I loved so my 20 favorites grew to 30 by the end of a week!  With a constantly growing collection of Cute Dresses for Women, how was I ever going to make my decision?!?!

Budget shopping strategies, my friends.  When shopping on a budget you need to use strategies to get the most for your money.  You need to consider many factors like, where in the current season are you compared to the next season?  Is it better to invest in pieces for your current seasonal wardrobe or is it time to start prepping for the next season?  How versatile is the piece you are considering?  How much depth will this item add to your wardrobe?  Sometimes we get into ruts of selecting basics because we wear them all the time so it seems logical, but (at times) what we really should invest in are unique pieces to liven things up, or items which will add depth to those often worn foundation pieces and can make them appear as though you are wearing different outfits (cardigans and scarves are great examples). When shopping on a tight budget, this can make a big difference!

Using those above strategies I was able to narrow my cart down from 30 favorites to one.  This Beautiful Teal Floral is my new favorite dress/tunic for Spring!  It’s way outside of my usual style because I don’t wear a lot of florals and I usually avoid swing dresses… but not any more!  I absolutely love the colors, they work well in my wardrobe.  I love the feel of the fabric, the way the dress billows and flows with movement and I am head over heels for the elastic detailing on the sleeves which gives them a beautiful fullness.  This one dress is very versatile and can easily be styled for 3 seasons making it a fantastic transitional piece!  Living in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve learned that seasonally transitional styling is very important since from Feb till July 5th, we can have any combination of rain, sleet and sun with far more chilly days than warm. I’ve played around in my closet and have come up with several ways to style this adorable dress and I’ll share with you a few of my favorites for spring.

First, we have the basic styling of the dress over black leggings and tall boots.  It looks fantastic just like this and when we do get those warmer days I can swap out the boots for a sandal.  I’ll give you my virtual twirl:

IMG_0414 IMG_0450IMG_0406 IMG_0478IMG_0467


Second look, I added a belt to give waist definition and I really like the 70’s chic vibe I’m getting with wearing this as a blouse!  I added a felt hat to finish off this look.  (PinkBlush has great hats but they sell out really quickly!  Here is a link to one that is similar.)  We’re having one of those rare, sunny, 60 degree days here in February so we decided to shoot in the sun.  Gotta absorb the Vitamin D any chance we get!

IMG_0485 IMG_0552 IMG_0535


Third look, For the cooler days, I’ve styled this tunic over a pair of skinny jeans then layered with an infinity scarf and oversized fringed cardi, finishing the look with a pair of booties.

IMG_0582 IMG_0579


And finally, I decided to try the denim on denim trend by wearing it with skinny jeans and a jean jacket.  I accessorized with this lacy scarf (handmade by a dear relative) and western boots.


This dress is very light weight and would work well for summer, especially if you want a little extra sun coverage without getting too hot.  I’ve seen it styled on its own as a dress but I have to admit I’m not that brave!  I think a little gust of wind could create a major wardrobe malfunction so I plan to wear this as a tunic over a pair of jean shorts.

Now, for the best part….  PinkBlush has offered me a $50 Giftcard for one of my readers!!!!  How AWESOME is that?!?

$50 happy valentine's day!

To enter this giveaway, you need to 1) Comment on this blog post, 2) follow me on one of my social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  3) Like and share the Giveaway post found on those social media pages (IGers, please like and tag a friend(s) since there is no share).  Word of warning, my Instagram is my best Social Media account to follow in terms of content.  I haven’t quite utilized my Facebook or Twitter accounts yet, but they DO exist and one day will be more active… I included them because I didn’t want to count any of my readers out of this giveaway if they didn’t have an Instagram account to follow me through! =o)

Contest will run for 2 weeks, Thursday Feb. 11th through Thursday Feb. 25th.  Winner will be drawn at random from the pool of contestants who fulfilled all three requirements, and will be announced on Friday Feb. 26th (Hub’s Birthday)!  Best of luck!!!

Thank you to my photographer, Hubs!  His time and effort were greatly appreciated =o).  And, again, Thank You-Thank You-Thank You to PinkBlush Boutique!!!

I will be joining the Turning Heads Link-up this week at Elegantly Dressed and Stylish.  And What I Wore, at The Pleated Poppy

Thank you all for stopping by!  Hope you were able to find some styling inspiration =o)




35 thoughts on “Mom Style: PinkBlush Boutique Giveaway

  1. Whooohoo! Congrats on your partnership! I can’t wait to go look at their site! Also, my favorite color is teal, so of course I LOVE your outfit!

  2. Congratulations on your collaboration, girl! How wonderful, and you selected such a gorgeous dress! My favorite look was the belted style with the vest! Gorgeous!

    1. Hi Holly!!! I’m so happy you’ve stopped by to help me celebrate!!! I really love the belted look, too. But that shaggy vest is actually my HAIR! Too funny, I didn’t see it that way before but now when I look I totally see it as a vest, hahaha! ??

  3. I love how you were able to style the piece to make 3 different fabulous outfits. Such a great idea. Following on Instagram (@ecmorris). Thank you!

  4. Fun clothes. I ordered the Black White Fringed Knit Poncho, which was already on sale for 38.00. In addition, I received 30% off with PRESIDENTSDAY coupon code AND they ship for free. What a great deal. I suppose I’ll just have to go back to the PinkBlush site again before the day is out!

    1. Kara, that is such a great poncho!!! I love how cozy it looks and that it has sleeves making it more wearable than the traditional ponchos! I’m so happy to hear you liked the boutique! =o). I’ve got you entered in the giveaway!

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