Natural Deoderant & Lavanila Review

Ok my friends, today I’m sharing some of my favorite things in the realms of natural deodorant and personal fragrances!  But first, the journey of how I got there…

I am a girl who LOVES the smells of natural vanilla and coconut.  But I have found it really difficult to find just the right kind of vanilla and coconut scents.  I want a deep, warm, earthy vanilla scent, not the super sweet vanilla scent.  And I’m the same way about my coconut.  Nothing sweet or cloying for me, I want the nutty, earthy coconut.  I have searched stores high and low for just the right scents and sometimes I’m lucky enough to find something I like (though not perfect) but within in a matter of months my new finds become discontinued and I am sent to searching all over again.  I have spent a TON on money through the years trying to find just the right vanilla and coconut scents.

Now, take that same story and apply it to natural deodorant.  Except in this case, I never actually find anything I even like!  They ALL make me smell worse than my natural odor after a week of camping in 90+ heat!   Within minuets of applying, I will REEK, that horribly!  I’m not talking about the issue of having to reapply deodorant multiple times a day because they don’t last long.  I fully accept that reality of natural deodorants =o).  No, I mean, there is something about most natural deodorants that when mixed with my natural body chemistry creates a stench no one should ever have to smell!  I can’t explain it.  They ALL do it, except for ONE brand.

I hereby introduce to you the answer to BOTH my searching woes: Lavanila.  I was first introduced to Lavanila during a trip to Sephora.  I tried their rollerball perfumes in Vanilla Coconut and Vanilla Summer. They are both incredible scents!!!  I wanted to find out what other products this brand offered so I went online to the Lavanila store which is where I discovered their Healthy Deodorant line and their line of Forever Fragrance Oils.

For the past year now, I’ve been using (and absolutely LOOOOVE) the Healthy Deodorant in Fresh Vanilla Lemon and the Forever Fragrance Oil  in Vanilla Coconut.

Fresh Vanilla Lemon Deodorant

The Healthy Deodorant is an all around AWESOME natural deodorant that is available in a variety of vanilla based scents.  My personal favorite, Fresh Vanilla Lemon, is lovely, fresh, and sunshiny!  Unlike any other natural deodorant I’ve tried, this one smells amazing and stays smelling amazing HOURS after application!   If I’m going to workout or experience stress sweat, I keep it on hand to reapply during the day, otherwise, I only reapply to freshen up in the evening.  My only words of warning are that it feels harder in texture than other natural deodorants and it leaves the dreaded white residue on clothing.

The Vanilla Coconut Forever Fragrance Oil smells like vanilla PERFECTION with an undertone of coconut.  It’s a deep, warm, earthy, sensuous scent that lasts all day on my skin.  It is a MUCH deeper, more complex scent than the Vanilla Coconut rollerball perfume (which I also LOVE, it’s just lighter).  I also tried the deodorant in Vanilla Coconut, but to my nose it smelled like baby powder (not at all like it’s perfume or oil forms) so that particular deodorant scent is not a favorite.

Vanilla Coconut Deodorant


This week I received a new order of Healthy Deodorants and Forever Fragrance Oil to try!

Lavanila Pure Vanilla oil and deodorant

I’ve been very eager to smell their Pure Vanilla scent in the Forever Fragrance Oil and the Deodorant because the description sounded exactly like what I was looking for in my vanilla scent. Unfortunately, to my nose, Pure Vanilla smells totally floral and I don’t smell any actual vanilla.  Really bummed about this one!  I would rename it Pure Heliotrope.  The deodorant smells exactly like the forever oil.  If you like a floral vanilla, or if you like Heliotrope, this would be a great scent to try!  In fact, if I liked Heliotrope I would find this scent to be exquisite, as it is very deep and full bodied.  I just really-really-REALLY dislike most floral scents.

I also tried the Healthy Deodorant in Summer Vanilla and it is absolutely AMAZING!  It smells very much like the Summer Vanilla rollerball perfume, warm, fruity, & tropical!  And just like the lemon scent, this one smelled great hours after application, even on hot days!  They only offer this deodorant scent as a mini.  I’m hoping they come out with a regular size, soon!

In addition to my order I received a sample set to try!  It included a carry case and sample sizes of :  three perfume sprays (Vanilla Blackberry, Vanilla Grapefruit and Pure Vanilla), Body Butter and Sunscreen!  What a fun treat!  I’ll let you know how I like them as I try them through the summer.

Lavanilla Sample Kit

I have been very happy with the quality of all the Lavanila products I’ve tried over the past couple years, even when I haven’t loved the particular scent.  The pricing is very high for deodorant ($8 for a teeny tiny MINI and $14 for the regular size).  And I find I go through this deodorant much faster than I do big brand antiperspirants, so it can add up.  But as someone who wants a natural deodorant for health reasons, and has searched for a long time to find a good one, I am willing to pay their price!!!

Hope this review was helpful!

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