My Styling Bliss

My Styling Bliss

Hello and Welcome to My Styling Bliss!

These posts are intended to give styling inspiration and reviews of clothing as worn by an average everyday person (not a model).  Most of these outfits were styled to fulfill style challenges on Instagram, requesting specific items and requiring me to think outside my usual style box (Great Fun!).  All pics were taken by me, using my iPhone and a selfie stick.  If an item is currently sold in stores, I will include a link to where you can find it.  =o)

To quote a beloved phrase that lives far outside my native dialect, I declare “It’s Fall, Y’all!!!”  And here in the Pacific Northwest that means Indian Summer!  We swing from highs in the upper 50’s to the 80’s and often have a daily range of 40 degrees, so figuring out how to dress for that can pose a challenge.  It doesn’t help that I’m in a weird phase where comfort really matters and so many things that I love to wear aren’t feeling GOOD on me right now (it’s an endometriosis thing).  I’m going with stretchy bottoms and loose fitting tops and am layering lightweight shirts with cozy wraps.  Many of the pieces I’m showing today were items that I kept from my mom’s former wardrobe, after her passing in July.  She had a major QVC habit and most of her wardrobe came from there!


Blue Poncho

This navy blue poncho (QVC, Similar) is the softest, coziest poncho I have ever worn!  I love the way it drapes, I love the way it feels and I absolutely love the fringe!  I’ve paired it over my go-to Levi’s 700 series skinny jeans (710, 711), a pair of riding boots and beaded necklaces!  The best accessory is my First Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season ;o)!


Burgundy cocoon cardi

This beautiful cocoon sweater is another super soft wrap from my mom’s QVC wardrobe!  It is made by the same designer and has the same style qualities as the blue poncho, above.  I layered it over a lightweight summer top from Old Navy (no longer available) and my fave Levi’s skinny jeans.  It was expected to warm up later in the day so I wore sandals (from Target this summer, not available).


Tassel Necklace

This simple denim swing dress was one of my Old Navy summer finds (no longer available).  I think it has the potential to be a great transition piece as we move deeper into fall.  I’ll have to play around with it a bit and see what I come up with =o)!  The tassel necklace was made by me, inspired by trends I saw all over Pinterest and Instagram!


Scarf Vest

This was a HOT day worthy of the title Indian Summer!  I’m wearing a basic pair of denim shorts (Target, from summer, no longer available) and a white tank, then dressed them up with a scarf tied as a vest and a statement necklace!


Gold Disks Necklace and olive fringe wrap

I LOOOOVED wearing this outfit!  This was Picture Day at school and my job was to collect classes and bring them down to their picture appointments!  I had to run-run-run all day long and I did so in style and comfort thanks to these Black Leggings (HUE, Nordstrom), my Summer top from Old Navy, this Olive fringed cardi (Macy’s, last fall) and a this incredible statement necklace from my mom’s QVC wardrobe!  The kids at school really loved this necklace and were commenting on it all day!


Striped maxi and denim vest

I put this outfit together for an Instagram style challenge, hated how I felt in it and immediately changed after taking the pics!  The outfit was cute though, so I am sharing!  Striped maxi skirt (2 yrs ago from Walmart), basic black tank, denim vest (Old, no longer available) and a statement necklace from my mom’s QVC wardrobe.  Really, it was a great outfit but it didn’t match my mood or how I was physically feeling in that moment…the weather felt very muggy so the long skirt, plus the weight of the vest, necklace and my hair, all combined to create a sensory nightmare for me!

I am very excited moving into October!  Bring on the cooler Autumn temps, changing leaves and blustering rain storms!  But best of all, Bring on the Fall Wardrobe!!!!  My favorite styling season of the year =o)!


Hope to see you again really soon!  Thank you for stopping by =o)!












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