LulaRoe Haul & Review!

LulaRoe Haul & Review!

I’ve done a little post-holidays clothes shopping and came away with some awesome new style finds to share with all of you!  A LulaRoe Haul & Review!  I absolutely looove my new pieces, so much so, I just MIGHT have picked up a few more in the days since filming this video!  They have addiction warnings on this stuff for a reason, yo.  And I had never understood because I hadn’t ever drank from the LulaRoe Kool-aid.  I had resisted the Facebook group invites.  I didn’t understand the crazy LulaRoe online shopping process, it scared me away.  I hadn’t TOUCHED the buttery soft (I’d call it more of a velvety) feel of their fabrics.  I was afraid of the wild mix-matched prints and colors!  I simply didn’t understand the craze that IS LulaRoe.  But I DO now!

And, as you can see, I’ve been playing around with video again! I got a lighting set for Christmas so I put it to work creating this video for a friend’s new LulaRoe Boutique and party we were hosting. It’s my first time for several things here: working with video lighting (lots to learn), filming a YouTube “Haul”, and learning how to edit together several videos into one!  Filming a YouTube style-share video was really tricky.  I still need to figure out a way to outfit share while maintaining the YouTube preferred horizontal camera orientation.

Disclaimer: The editing is horrendously horrible, just ignore all the odd jumps, I haven’t learned editing yet =o).  I also decided in the middle of filming to remake the intro, so it’s edited in out of outfit sequence (that’ll make sense when you see it).  Ooops!

A few days after making this video I got to play hostess for my friend’s first pop-up party following her boutique launch, and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!  Seriously, I am the most extroverted acting introvert you will ever meet, I seem very friendly and outgoing but really I don’t like party settings and I try hard to avoid them.  It doesn’t matter who will be at the party, or what type of party, there is a piece of me that will dread going, even among my friends.  THIS party was not like that.  I felt excitement at the thought of this party!  Maybe it’s because the topic was fashion and that is my BLISS and the bliss overrode my anxiety.  Maybe it’s because there was something to do besides socialize.  Maybe it’s because there was no presentation to listen to, no games to play.  There was just SHOPPING!  Shopping, and I got to play dress-up with my friends (happy dance)!  Now, here’s the coolest part… I only had 3 friends show up to this party (and a couple friends of the consultant who came by) and none of them even likes shopping, or gets excited over clothes, and all three live in a uniform of t-shirt and jeans or yoga pants.   These ladies were such great sports, they each allowed me to bombard them with things to try on and I think they even had FUN playing dress up!!! I think they MIGHT have liked what they saw enough to give it a try… a super soft and comfy try, with a little bit of color.

So, if you’re like me and have avoided accepting an invite to a LulaRoe group or pop-up party, think about giving it a chance.  You just might find yourself pleasantly surprised at what you discover in addictingly soft fabric and bright punches of color!

I need to lay off this Kool-Aid or I might end up a LulaRoe Boutique Owner myself!


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