My Styling Bliss 10/9-10/13

My Styling Bliss 10/9-10/13

Happy Fall!  My favorite time of year to discuss one of my favorite things, Cute Outfits!!!!

My Whirlwind continues and I can’t believe we are already in the middle of October!  School, Jog-A-Thon (“PTA” Mom-Life), the new Boutique and SOCCER-SOCCER-SOCCER have taken over our days!  And we’re already on our second Plague of the school year, which gives me a special day at home with my youngest (3rd grader) and a chance to get in some much needed blogging!

I also can’t believe that it’s been OVER A YEAR since my last installment of My Styling Bliss… unless I count the Holiday Styling Bliss post… but still, for a regular series that is a corner stone of this blog, it is shocking to me that an entire year has gone by since I last produced one!  Honestly, I just didn’t have it in me last year.  Grief and depression made me rarely want to get dressed beyond house clothes, and if I did get dressed, finding the time and energy to document it and actually blog about it, wasn’t happening, at least not very much… Through the process of prepping for and opening Ginger & Zimt Boutique, I have continued  posting my outfits a bit on Instagram.

Today I’m sharing what I’ve worn in the last week.  Hopefully this will help me to get back into the swing of things and My Styling Bliss will once again make regular appearances here on Ginger & Zimt!

The last time I shared my personal style, it was as a regular ol’ SAHM and casual style fashionista, sharing budget friendly style inspirations.  Now, I still post as that same, regular ol’ SAH-mom, but one who owns an in-home boutique featuring LuLaRoe… so this does affect what I choose to wear each day =o).  (<—– my disclaimer)

I so love Fall weather and Fall Style!  This long, fringed cardi has been a favorite and staple in my wardrobe for about 8 years!  I wore it as a size 20 and I still wear it as a 6 (who MAY have eaten her way back up to an 8).  INC from Macy’s.  This teal with print, Irma Tunic is SO comfortable and easy to wear.  It hides everything I want hidden and doesn’t look too oversized.  LuLaRoe, Ginger & Zimt Boutique.   My go-to Levi’s 711 Skinnies in a distressed finish, (Macy’s).  My current favorite brown suede-ish boots from Target, bought last spring on clearance!  Felt hat from Pink Blush Boutique, a couple years ago.

SUPER Leopard!!!!  Annual Jog-A-Thon Mascot and this year’s surprise DJ!  Leopard print Onesie PJs from Target (a few years ago but they have new editions yearly), Cape from Spirit, glasses and ears made by me!

I wore this dress last week but these pics are from September when I was shooting album covers for the boutique.  LuLaRoe Ana Dress.  One and Done! (Ginger & Zimt Boutique)

You guys, I am LOVING this pattern mixing stuff!  I took a black & white polka-dot sundress (Style & Co, Macy’s, about 6 yrs ago) and layered this awesome bold floral & stripe Randy Tee over it!  (LuLaRoe, Ginger & Zimt Boutique).  Also wearing my go-to Black Leggings by HUE* (Nordstrom – they have the best waist band) and my favorite pair of RED cowboy boots (Macy’s, a couple yrs ago for $19!).   *I’m sure it’s sacrilege for me to wear a non LuLa brand of leggings but I have 2 reasons for doing it: 1) LuLaRoe Black Leggings are the ULTIMATE Unicorn and I have NEVER come across a pair in my size; and 2) I like a little structure in my black leggings.

Halloween Leggings and a Randy Tee from a friend’s boutique (LuLaRoe, Amanda Duer VIP).  I am seriously in Halloween BLISS!  This randy Tee has rainbow cross-stitch print skulls all over the sleeves, and these leggings… REDHEADED vintage tattoo style witch faces!!!!  (Twirl of delight!!!)

Alright, I have done it!  The first My Styling Bliss post of 2017!  =o)  I solemnly swear it won’t be my last!

I wish you all a fantastic week!







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