My Styling Bliss – Disney Cruise Alaskan Wardrobe

My Styling Bliss – Disney Cruise Alaskan Wardrobe

Welcome to the My Styling Bliss – Disney Cruise Alaskan Wardrobe Edition!!!

I am SO excited for our upcoming cruise, I think I might explode into a poof of Pixie Dust! We started our countdown clock at over 400 days. I started our wardrobe planning at about 300 days (Big smile)! Now we’re in the final stretch… At this point I’ve mixed up enough Disney themed outfits to last a 3 week cruise without repeats and I might need to take out a second mortgage to finance my airline baggage fees!  While there are many blogs out there promoting the Minimalist Lifestyle and how to pack a week’s cruise wardrobe into a carry-on suitcase, THIS is not one of them! I subscribe to quite the opposite paradigm.

Today’s post is purely a style share of what I’m planning to wear on our Disney Cruise.  It is not intended as a guide.  In fact, it’s a perfect example of Do as I Say, Not As I Do! For a practical, no nonsense, Alaska Cruise wardrobing guide, check out my first post in this series. You’ll discover everything you’ll need to stay comfortable on your Alaskan Cruise.

Now sit back and enjoy the comedy of a clothes addict attempting to narrow things down to less than 3 outfits a day  rationalize taking 3 outfits per day!

My Daytime plan: When in Disney, I dress Disney, and this cruise is my Disneyfied BLISS!  In addition to the outfits I’m sharing here, I’ll also have a selection of Disney back-ups (just in case I’m feeling a different mood) and a mix of non-Disney basics like jeans, tops & casual dresses for touring the ports in a more incognito fashion. We aren’t doing any excursions that require special clothing.

My Evening Plan: Fun meets Glam! I love to dress up and my family is celebrating 51, 15 & 10th Anniversaries on this cruise so we are dressing for the occasion all week long!!! Don’t let my evening wardrobe intimidate you. The Disney Cruise Line is very casual compared to some other cruise line dress codes. While dressing up for dinners is encouraged, the only real rule on “Cruise Casual” nights is to NOT wear things like swimsuits and cover-ups or workout wear in the dining rooms! You will see lots of kids in more casual shorts and t-shirts and adults in nice jeans and tops.  I’m including my kids’ evening wear in this post as well.

Without further adieu…. (other than the disclaimer that hair, makeup and accessories are still being figured out)… I give you my wardrobe:

Day 1, Embarkation Day & Cruise Casual Night

Custom Family Cruise Shirt by Smiley Face Designs, from Etsy.  Alaska Skirt (Amazon). Rainbow sneakers found on sale at Target – Super comfy but I’m not really loving them with this outfit and might swap them out for silver Mary Jane shoes.


A cute and sassy little black dress by Nicole Miller, bought on sale at JCP.  Pink pumps  by Christian Siriano for Payless, bought on a BOGO sale. Still choosing between the statement earrings (tassels found on Etsy, made into earrings by me) or statement necklace (found on clearance at Target)

Day 2, At Sea & Formal Night

Disney Castle Dress by LuLaRoe, from Ginger & Zimt Boutique.


Navy Blue Sequins Formal gown by Nightway, from Macy’s, bought on sale plus Star Pass.


Day 3, Tracy’s Arm Glacier (viewed from the ship) and my family’s Anniversary Dinner at Palo.Celebrating our 15 year wedding anniversary in matching Lady & the Tramp shirts by Sparkle Design Co., from Etsy.  Disney Leggings by LuLaRoe from Ginger & Zimt Boutique. Shirt extender from Amazon.


Navy Blue Lace formal by R & M Richards, from Macy’s, bought on sale plus Star Pass!


Day 4, Skagway & Frozen Night

Bear Top & Bear Leggings by LuLaRoe, they took a lot of hunting to find and were purchased at a multi-vender event.


Navy blue sequins dress by MSK, from Macy’s, bought on sale. Shoes from Target, bought on clearance!


Day 5, Juneau & Cruise Casual Night

Minnie Mouse Top & Leggings by LuLaRoe from Ginger & Zimt Boutique.


Leopard print, Calvin Kline swing dress from Macy’s, bought on sale!


Day 6, Ketchikan & Semi-Formal Night:

Merida Tank by Ignite The Magic from Etsy.  Bear Leggings by LuLaRoe. Cardigan by Cuddle Duds.


Semi-formal red lace dress w sequins, by Liz Claiborne, found on clearance at JCP for just $28!!!  No link because it is no longer available.


Day 7, At Sea & Farewell Dinner 😩😢😭

Alice & Wonderland Top & Leggings by LuLaRoe.


Black lace dress found on sale at JCP!


My back up mix of Disney…. 


My Non-Disney items for port calls… I went with easy to layer pieces that will be comfortable in the 50-75 degree range.


Outerwear… In my previous post I talk about creating your own version of a 3-in-1 jacket system.  Here is my version:  1) Fleece jacket for cozy warmth, 2) a rain/wind shell to be worn solo on warmer rainy days or layered over the fleece for cooler rainy days, 3) a puffy vest to layer over the fleece (and under the rain shell if needed) for extra warmth.  This combo is all I need for most of the cruise but we live in the Pacific Northwest and are more acclimated to this type of weather (we call it Spring).  I bring my winter coat for the ship deck at night.  People from warmer climates might live in their winter coats all week.


Kids evening wear: 

The 9 yr old… Everything was purchased at Costco!  The 6 pastel dresses totaled under $100 and the purple dress was a hand-me-down from her older sister’s last cruise (5 yrs ago) but also purchased at Costco! I go twice a year to stock up on any of their party dress needs.


The almost 14 yr old…  


The burgundy lace dress was from Macy’s and the 3 to the right were from JCP.

The long formal was MY formal from our last cruise 5 years & 12 lbs ago (sigh).  A simple alteration in length and it fits my oldest perfectly!  The cocktail dress was found on clearance at Macy’s, plus I got to use a Star Pass to make it even better!


As you can see, I love clothes!!! And I’m really having fun celebrating in Disney Style while on the ship!!!

Tune in next time for my Gadgets & Gizmos A Plenty Haul where I’ll share all the Whatsits & Thingamabobs that I’ve been collecting for use on the cruise!

May your days be Magical!  TTFN!


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